Who is Sweet Dee?

April 13, 2018


 Hello, my name is Diane and I am the owner of Sweet Dee's Flowers! I am BEYOND excited to start my flower truck business here in Kelowna. I am 27 and not new to the entrepreneurial lifestyle but new to Kelowna and new to driving a rightwheel-drive vehicle! I have only been here for 6 months and let's just say it's been an adventure.



How did I get here? Well, I grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and endured their -30 winters for 26 years! When I was 17, I  decided to move to Edmonton to attend NAIT for their photographic technology program. When I graduated, I helped open up a boudoir studio in Sherwood Park. I moved back home at 21, where I started my own independent boudoir business called Lush Studios. Lush Studios operated for 6 years where I had the opportunity to photograph over 500 women all of whom were such kind, sweet and beautiful women. While doing so I worked part-time at a flower shop which was a blessing when it was -30 outside. In 2015, I took the opportunity to run my boudoir studio full time. In that year, I found out that working from home was not my cup of tea! I know, crazy right? I mean, working from home always seemed like the ideal work environment. You can sleep in, work in your pajamas, talk to your cat all day - I mean, who wouldn't want that!? Apparently, it is not healthy to never leave your house and have your only social interaction be with a cat who doesn't understand what you are saying. After that year, I took some time off to reevaluate what I wanted to do everyday and how I wanted to operate a business. In 2017, I had the opportunity to start fresh, my lease was ending, I sold all of my furniture and sadly was greiving the loss of my beloved cat. So, I decided to pack up a Toyota Yari with what was left of my belongings and drive to Kelowna.


Why Kelowna? First and foremost, it doesn't get to -30 here, can you tell that I really don't like the cold? Secondly, a good friend of mine moved here to start her own business and it was the perfect getaway for a fresh start but with a familiar face. Two weeks in I started to write a business plan for a flower truck.


But, WHY a flower truck? When I worked at flower shops in Saskatoon, I saw that a lot of money was spent on the store front, multiple wired-ordering systems, expensive vases, and a loss of inventory when the flowers didn't sell. I also knew that after I was done with photography that I would have a career with flowers. In doing so I did not want to limit myself to a storefront that relied on walk-in traffic, wired-ordering systems and throwing away flowers! That is madness! So, when I saw that flower trucks were quite popular in the southern states, I thought, Why not Kelowna? To me, it seemed to be the most cost efficient way that I could run a business I loved that didn't leave me sitting behind a computer, in my pyjamas talking to what would've been an imaginary cat.


When I created Sweet Dee's Flowers, I wanted to reduce the cost and waste of shipping flowers from from the south, which are full of harsh chemicals. In Kelowna, I buy B.C grown flowers and plan my orders so I know how much I will sell so I am not losing a bunch of inventory. Plus, driving around the city in a pink mini japanese truck sounds pretty rad to me.


And that is how Sweet Dee's Flowers was started! If you want to find out where we will be popping up click here 


And last but not least you are probably wondering why is it called Sweet Dee's Flowers, aren't you? When I was 21, I was on my own for the very first time after living with my boyfriend for the past two years. I lived in a rented house where I found a roommate off of kijiji (yikes). I couldn't find a full-time job so I worked part-time and the adventure of being on my own for the first time living with a complete stranger started. Everything was an adventure from dealing with a leaky roof, an infestation of ants during the summer, my roommate bringing home a box of cats and cutting a pizza with no pizza cutter (that was a hard night). I ended up creating an alter ego for myself to make all these little adventures I'd inevitably have to face more fun. I was just getting into comic books at the time as I lived right behind a comic book store and while frustrated at the lack of female super heroes, I created my own, Sweet Dee. Sweet Dee fights evil with her sugar ray guns and her trusty side-kick cat that lives in her hair and grows to 10feet when fighting off villains. We are fearless and people are scared of us (for real).


Though now, I currently do not have a REAL trusty side-kick, I will say that it is the underlying reason/motivation behind this business. So, yes, I do work hard so that my soon-to-be future cat can live the life he deserves and I will spoil him rotten.


Much Love,



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